The company in it’s current form started in 1979. It evolved out of a branch of a family business, Lyneham, Tacheci and Whyte, that was started by Robert’s father, George Jiri Tacheci. For the first eight years the business traded as Robert Tacheci Real Estate. In 1987 the business was offered the LJ Hooker Franchise for Bermagui (on the NSW South Coast) and for the period of 13 years the firm traded as LJ Hooker Bermagui. The association with LJ Hooker during this time benefited the company in its growth and professionalism.

After 13 years Robert found that his business, LJ Hooker Bermagui, was increasingly doing training outside of the normal franchise training of subjects like vendor paid advertising and auction techniques. He was instead studying “ethics” and “client benefit” strategies with bodies like the Jenman Group. Robert recognised that if the company was to continue to develop in the way he wished it to, it had to do so under it’s own unique identity. At a special office meeting the team agreed their enthusiastic support of these ideals.

On 21st July 2001 the new trading identity of Marshall and Tacheci real estate was launched at an opening party attended by over one hundred well wishers.


Thankyou to my father George Jiri Tacheci who, having escaped from Czechoslovakia and two oppressive regimes -the Nazi’s then the communists, had always wanted to provide the opportunity for his son to have the freedom of operating his own independent business. George Died on 20 October 2001.
To those various business partners who shared the ownership with me during those early years through good markets and bad, Geoff Bryan, Greg Crisp, Ray Henderson and Derek Russell.
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